Provincial Roadways

Moving throughout our community is a top priority for most Cochranites. With Cochrane intercepted by two provincial highways, it's crucial to ensure these roots are well-maintained to support local traffic and the daily flow of goods, services, and people.

Both Cochrane and the Province have made significant investments in building and upgrading roads and pathways. However, more investment is needed to address ongoing challenges.

Significant investments have already been made

Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge

$53 million Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge, a second link across the Bow River, joining north and south Cochrane. This project was completed in the fall of 2020.
Aerial view of Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge. The bridge connects two hills and crosses over a river.

Highway 1A Improvement Project

Highway 1A Improvement Project resulting in the widening of Highway 1A to four lanes from two and adding an improved pedestrian network. This project was primarily completed in the fall of 2023, with finishing touches being made in the summer of 2024.
HWY 1A aerial looking west

Center Avenue Phase 3

Center Avenue Phase 3 is part of the 4-phase transportation improvement plan to increase the level of service in Cochrane’s Historic Downtown. This project is proposed to be funded by Provincial grants.
Centre Ave intersection aerial looking south

Highway 1A/22 Interchange project

Highway 1A/22 Interchange project, a Provincially funded project, will tie into Cochrane’s 1A Improvement project. The Province is investing $100 million and we appreciate this support and are already seeing improvements in traffic flow.
HWY 1A22 Interchange rendering.jpg

Help us share Cochrane’s story

While the Town of Cochrane advocates for our community’s needs, your voice amplifies our efforts and personalizes our priorities.

Check out the tips below for writing effective emails to our government officials, sharing information online, asking questions, and staying informed.

  • focus on the facts
  • be clear on the reason for your communication
  • try to focus on collaboration with the Provincial government rather than being adversarial

How you can help

Send an email advocating for additional investment in roadways

Advocate for additional investment in Cochrane’s Provincial roadways by emailing government officials.

Premier Danielle Smith 

Environment and Protected Areas, Minister Rebecca Schulz

Minister of Agriculture and MLA Airdrie-Cochrane, Minister Peter Guthrie 


Need a starting point?

Use this sample email as is or make it your own by including your own experiences.
hand on laptop computer typing


Use social media, blogs, podcasts, or interviews to share Cochrane’s story. Add your own experiences and thoughts to make it personal and engaging.

Ask questions

Engage with Provincial elected officials by asking questions about the advocacy priorities. Your inquiries can increase understanding and provide opportunities for dialogue.

Sample questions

Q. What plans does the Provincial government have to ensure Provincial roadways in Cochrane can manage the rapid growth and continue to act as an economic corridor for the province?

Q. Will the Provincial government include the HWY 22 from the completion of the new 1A/22 interchange to the James Walker Trail in the next capital budget? If no, then when?

Stay informed

Check back here often for updates on advocacy priorities and progress to remain part of the conversation so you can continue advocating for Cochrane's needs.