Planning Documents

When making decisions about land use in Cochrane, Council considers how a proposed development aligns with provincial legislation, local plans and relevant bylaws. 

For example, a resident who wants to add a garage to their property must first apply for a Development Permit. The Development Permit must meet requirements outlined in the Land Use Bylaw. The rules in the Land Use Bylaw are established by Council’s vision described in the Municipal Development Plan, which in turn follows the regulations in the Municipal Government Act.

Cochrane's statutory documents can be changed through our statutory plan amendment process.

Every municipality must compile and keep updated a list of policies that may be considered in making planning decisions. 

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2022-2025 Cochrane Strategic Plan
2013 Strategic Plan
2014 Strategic Plan
2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan
2018 Downtown Parking Study - Stage 1
Bow Meadows
Bow Ridge Purchasing
Cochrane Corridors Plan
This Corridor Planning report is intended to provide direction to future planning, redevelopment and decision making along these corridors.
Cochrane Heights
Cochrane Sustainability Plan
Cochrane residents showed their commitment to a sustainable future when they launched the Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP) project in the spring of 2008. The goal was to create a roadmap to a sustainable future that would guide the town for the…
Connecting Cochrane (Transportation Master Plan)
Connecting Cochrane is our transportation master plan that includes illustrations of future transportation networks for pedestrians, cycling, vehicles and transit
Downtown Redevelopment Plan
DRAFT River Heights Area Structure Plan Amendment
DRAFT River Heights Area Structure Plan Amendment with Attached Figure Package
DRAFT Southbow Landing Neighbourhood Plan
Fireside Stage 1 Neighbourhood Plan
Fireside Stage 2 Neighbourhood Plan
GlenEagles Area Structure Plan
Green Building Strategy
Greystone Approved Area Structure Plan