Business Resources

Cochrane is the place for entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking of starting a business here, we have resources to support you. Make an appointment with Business Development or check out the resources on this page. We can help with planning and preparation, from business licensing and market research to promotional strategies.

Home-based business

If you are planning to operate your business out of a dwelling, then it's classified as a home occupation. The Land Use Bylaw allows home occupations as long as they meet all bylaw requirements.

The basic rules for home occupations are: 

  • no outside storage of goods and materials related to the business
  • no nuisances by way of noise, vibration, smoke, dust, fumes, odours, heat, glare or electrical/radio interference that are detectable beyond the property limits
  • no more than a maximum of 30 per cent of the gross floor area of the principal dwelling occupied by the business
  • no businesses that require utility or mechanical servicing beyond what would generally be expected for a residential use
  • no businesses that require a significant amount of cash or valuables to be stored on site

Beyond the general rules, the different classes of home occupations may have additional requirements.

Bylaws for businesses

All businesses located or operating in Cochrane must hold a current business licence, as per the Business Licence Bylaw 22/2018. In addition, all business must comply with the following bylaws: