Taxation & Assessment

Your property taxes explained

The taxation year runs from January to December.
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Property taxes support services and amenities that advance Cochrane's quality of life.

Your property tax contributes to municipal services, provincial education, and seniors' affordable housing. The municipal portion of your property taxes fund a variety of services that Cochrane residents rely on.

Every dollar contributed to municipal services funds: 

  • fire services and RCMP
  • community services 
  • public works 
  • planning & development 
  • engineering & asset management 
  • municipal enforcement
  • legislative, administrative and general government services 
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In 2024, the average residential property saw an increase in its assessed value to $615,500 from $561,200 and should expect to see an increase of $140.00/year of $11.67/month in overall property taxes. As assessment values vary between individual properties and between communities, most property owners will have tax changes that are either higher or lower than the average. 

Average Single Family Dwelling Taxes20242023$ in/decrease% in/decrease
Municipal Tax Levy$2,584$2,583$10.04%
Education & Rocky View Foundation requisitions $1,415$1,275$14010.98%
Total property tax bill$3,999$3,858$1403.63%

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