Fire Danger Rating

Current fire danger rating: No Restrictions

Weather and fire hazard conditions can change rapidly. It is the responsibility of anyone who starts a fire to know the community fire hazard level, manage their fire and extinguish the fire completely.  Wood burning fires are only allowed in acceptable fire pits and fireplaces as defined in the Fire Services Bylaw (3/2014).

Always have a method to quickly extinguish a fire: bucket of water, garden hose or fire extinguisher.

Fire danger ratings

Fire pits

Provided there is no fire ban in effect, outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, barbecue pits and portable fire receptacles are permitted year round.

If your fire pit, outdoor fireplace, barbecue pit or portable fire receptacle meets the Fire Services Bylaw, you do not need a permit. 

Fire Services Bylaw

You may use your fire pit to burn clean, dry, untreated wood or charcoal, but not yard waste. You must have a means of extinguishing the fire on hand at all times. 

Fire pit safety brochure