Reviewing Your Assessment

Reviewing your assessment

Access your assessment

Find information regarding your assessment and property details online at the following links. Search for your property by the roll number or address located on your assessment notice.

Market value assessments

Market value is the amount that a property might be expected to realize if it is sold on the open market by a willing seller to a willing buyer. Market value assessments are done using mass appraisal techniques. This determines property values by grouping similar properties as of a specific date. The purpose of assessment is not to reflect a single sale price, but to assess all properties at typical market value on the same valuation date. 


Assessment value factors

Assessors consider many of the same factors that a homeowner does when they choose to purchase a home. Some of the factors that determine the value of your home include:

Unique locational factors such as proximity to golf courses, parks, ponds, river, train and high traffic areas attribute to your assessment value.