Zero Waste

Communities all over the world are going green and Cochrane is proud to be one of them. 

Zero waste framework 

Cochrane's Zero Waste Framework and Sustainability Plan guide us to achieve our Zero Waste goals. We are committed to reducing waste and working towards a zero waste future. See Toward Zero Waste 2012, our Zero Waste Framework to learn more about our vision.

Zero waste at school & community groups

Zero waste isn't just for our homes. Schools and community groups also play an essential role by teaching sustainable waste management behaviours that will stick with youth for life. The Waste and Recycling team can assist your school or community group by providing:

  • tours of the Cochrane Eco Centre
  • Waste Reduction Week, Environment Week and Earth Day Presentations
  • classroom presentations: 3R’s, Waste in Our World, Composting
  • assist in setting up Litterless Lunch, Pack it in/Pack it out programs
  • waste audits
  • waste recycling program set up assistance
  • pitch in events (litter picking)
  • e-waste & paint or tire round ups

Contact Waste and Recycling to see how the Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling can assist your school or community group.

Waste diversion at community events

Planning an event? Submit a request form to book a three stream waste diversion container at no charge. These containers help your event send less to landfill. Signs for each diversion stream are available for free.

Zero waste community events

Are you ready to go that one step further to make your community event a Zero Waste event? Our Waste & Recycling team would be happy to guide you through the process, including:

  • zero waste event planning advice
  • collection company contacts
  • sourcing compostable utensils and dishware
  • use of the Eco Centre

To learn more about Zero Waste Community Events, please contact Waste and Recycling.