Business Development

Create a vibrant, thriving and complete economy, where a wide variety of employment and business opportunities draw local, national and international talent, business and investors.
Economic Vision Statement for Cochrane

Cochrane is a hub for industry and innovation in the Calgary region, and has been for over 75 years. Offering a variety of commercial spaces, a high-skilled work force and resources to support innovation, it's a great place to establish your business.

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Business Development Strategic Plan

The 2020-2030 Business Development Strategic Plan demonstrates Town Council’s commitment to local business development and innovation. The plan outlines four main business strategies: 

  1. Proactively promote the innovation sector in the Town of Cochrane.
  2. Proactively strengthen relationships with existing businesses, groups, companies and major developers in Cochrane.
  3. Proactively plan and implement initiatives to enhance Historic Downtown Cochrane. 
  4. Provide consultation and support for other Town initiatives, projects and processes that enhance Cochrane’s economic ecosystem. 

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