Load Bans

Roads are designed to support the weight of heavy trucks, within reason. To maximize the life of a road, and to minimize road maintenance costs, axle weight restrictions are implemented during the spring thaw period and restricted roadways are posted with signs.

Load limit bans

Loading restrictions



Axle Percentage 

Township Road 262

Temporary relaxation from Horse Creek Road to Heritage Hill Lift Station Rd only.  For construction access to Heritage Hills Phase 4 & 5.


Township Road 262

From Heritage Hill Lift Station Rd to Range Road 43  


Towers Trail 

From George Fox Trail to Municipality's South Boundary

75% Year-round 

Rolling Range Drive 

From Highway 22 to Towers Trail. Including Rolling Range Estates and Place.

75% Year-round 

Horse Creek Road 

From Highway 1A to MD of Rockyview Boundary

Please refer to the Rocky View County website for load restrictions.

Remaining municipal roads


100% Year-round 

River Avenue Bridge – weight restrictions

Vehicle Part

Weight Restriction 

Single axle 






Additional information

A street-use permit is required to drive or park a vehicle (or combination of attached vehicles), more than the weight restrictions on roadways within the Town. 

For further information on load bans, route planning or street-use permits, contact Roads at 403-851-2590 or visit the Traffic Bylaw link below:

Traffic Bylaw 02/2005