Assessment Complaints

If you have questions or concerns about your assessment, contact an Assessor at 403-851-2950 or . They will be able to explain the assessment process and help review your property details.  More information is also available on Reviewing your Assessment

If an assessor can’t explain or address your concerns, you can file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board (ARB). 

Filing a complaint

The ARB Clerk must receive your complaint and the appropriate fee within 60 days of the Notice of Assessment Date listed on your Assessment Notice.  For more information on mailing dates and deadlines visit Important Dates.  

To file a complaint, you must complete an Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. If you would like an agent to file a complaint on your behalf, you must complete an Agent Authorization Form and submit it with your complaint. 

You must complete the complaint form in full. This includes why you believe the information on your assessment notice is incorrect and what you believe the correct information should be.  If you disagree with the assessed value, indicate what you believe the assessed value should be. The ARB Clerk will use the information in your complaint to schedule the appropriate amount of time for your hearing. For more information on Preparing for your Appeal Hearing.

The ARB will determine the validity of any forms that are incomplete, filed after the deadline or without the required fee.

The ARB cannot hear any matter regarding an issue that was not identified on the complaint form. This means you cannot introduce new evidence or issues at the hearing if they have not been previously disclosed. 

Filing fees

There is a filing fee that must accompany the ARB Complaint Form. These fees are charged for each property under the appeal. The complaint fee will be refunded if: 

  • the ARB makes a decision in your favour
  • an agreement is reached with the assessor prior to the hearing
  • the complaint is withdrawn

Filing fees for complaints are payable by cash, credit/debit or cheque (payable to Town of Cochrane):

  • residential three or fewer dwellings: $50 per complaint
  • residential four or more dwellings: $600 per complaint
  • non-residential: $600 per complaint

Submit your form(s) and filing fee by the specified date by mail or in person to:

Town of Cochrane

Clerk, Assessment Review Board

101 RancheHouse Rd.

Cochrane, AB T4C 2K8

You can also email completed forms to Legislative Services.

TO AVOID PENALTIES, property taxes MUST be paid on or before the deadline specified on the Tax Bill, even if a complaint is filed. 

Section 299/300 requests

Under Sections 299 and 300 of the Municipal Government Act, you have the right to access information on how your property assessment was prepared. You may also see a summary of the assessment for any property.

After you have spoken with an Assessor, you can make a formal request by submitting the forms below: