Collection Schedule & Guidelines

Black, blue and green carts are collected on your scheduled collection days between 7 a.m. -7 p.m. Green bins are collected weekly from mid-April to mid-November, and bi-weekly from second week of November to mid-April. 

Make sure your cart is picked up: 

  • roll it out before 7 a.m.
  • ensure at least one metre (3 ft) of clearance from parked cars and other obstacles
  • lid must be closed and cart must not be overflowing
  • ensure cart wheels are against the curb
  • alley collections must have one metre (3 ft)  clearance from obstacles and not impede traffic flow
  • make sure you have the correct items in each cart
  • if applicable, place your cart at the end of your driveway (not on) to allow space for street parking

Your zone and community collection schedules are listed below. Don’t see your community or want to report a collection problem?

Contact Us

Missed collection day? 

Did your cart meet all requirements but was not collected? Contact us with your name, address, phone number and colour of cart missed. Someone from our team will call you back by the next business day. 

Collection tag on your cart?

Finding a collection tag on your blue cart means there was something in the cart that shouldn't be, or something in the cart wasn't prepared correctly. Check your tag for specific details.  

If there is a tag and your cart was collected, the contamination was minimal and we encourage you to correct it moving forward.  

If there is a tag and your cart was not collected, the contamination would jeopardize the quality of the truck load. You will need to correct this before the next scheduled collection day. Our operators leave the tag stapled around the cart handle, which helps them communicate with a household in a safe and educational way.  

Carts blocked by vehicles will not be collected. Is a parked car on your street or alley preventing collection? Contact Municipal Enforcement.