Community Infrastructure

Cochrane is evolving rapidly, and with growth comes the need for essential community infrastructure. From recreation facilities to affordable housing, our community requires ongoing investment to support the well-being in quality of life of all residents.

Our infrastructure needs:

What Cochrane has done

Cochrane is planning to complete a recreation assessment and update the 2008 recreation master plan and the 2012 open spaces master plan to ensure planning is in place for the community’s recreation needs. This will allow Cochrane to be ready to apply for Provincial funding.

In line with our commitment to healthy aging, Cochrane has embraced the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Age-Friendly model to promote active and inclusive environments for seniors.

Provincial Green Trip funding support the opening of The Station at Cochrane Crossing. This central hub includes the Cochrane information center, administrative services, a co-worker space/business start-up program and a transit waiting amenity.

What we need from the Government of Alberta

We ask the Provincial government to provide stable, predictable, and ongoing capital and operating investment in Cochrane’s community of non-profit, affordable and senior housing providers to develop homes to meet demand.

As Cochrane continues growing rapidly, additional grant opportunities are required to support the development and operation of appropriate recreation facilities.

To stimulate revitalization in Cochrane’s downtown, we call on the province to consider supporting a second Community Revitalization Levy, or another funding source.

Help us share Cochrane’s story

While the Town of Cochrane advocates for our community’s needs, your voice amplifies our efforts and personalizes our priorities.

Check out the tips below for writing effective emails to our government officials, sharing information online, asking questions, and staying informed.

  • focus on the facts
  • be clear on the reason for your communication
  • try to focus on collaboration with the Provincial government rather than being adversarial

How you can help

Send an email advocating for additional investment in community infrastructure

Advocate for increased investment in our community infrastructure by emailing government officials.

Premier Danielle Smith 

Environment and Protected Areas, Minister Rebecca Schulz

Minister of Agriculture and MLA Airdrie-Cochrane, Minister Peter Guthrie 


Need a starting point?

Use this sample email as is or make it your own by including your own experiences.
hand on laptop computer typing


Use social media, blogs, podcasts, or interviews to share Cochrane’s story. Add your own experiences and thoughts to make it personal and engaging.

Ask questions

Engage with Provincial elected officials by asking questions about the advocacy priorities. Your inquiries can increase understanding and provide opportunities for dialogue.

Sample questions

Q. Can you provide updates on the Province’s plans to address the growing needs for seniors lodging in Cochrane? What initiatives or funding programs are available to support the development of seniors housing in our community?

Q. How was the Province working to ensure Cochrane can access provincial funding streams for affordable housing projects? Are there any upcoming initiatives or grants available to support the construction of affordable housing units in Cochrane?

Q. What funding opportunities are available to help Cochrane expand and improve its recreation facilities to meet the needs for our growing population? How can the Province support Cochrane in enhancing access to recreational amenities, particularly and underserved areas of the community?

Q. What support can the Province offer to assist Cochrane in revitalizing its downtown core and fostering economic growth in the area? Are there any programs or incentives available to encourage private investment in downtown revitalization projects?

Stay informed

Check back here often for updates on advocacy priorities and progress to remain part of the conversation so you can continue advocating for Cochrane's needs.