Envision Cochrane 2050

Cochrane is currently engaged in the ongoing update of its Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The "Envision Cochrane 2050" public engagement process, conducted this year, offers residents the opportunity to express their priorities for Cochrane's future. The feedback gathered will play a pivotal role in shaping the new MDP, complementing the insights gained from the 2023 Growth Study—a preliminary phase in the update process. The MDP, serving as a comprehensive planning document, aligns closely with Cochrane's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, ensuring purposeful growth within the community. It not only provides guidance for the recently updated Land Use Bylaw but also influences other community plans, including the Cochrane Sustainability Plan, Growth Management Plan, Area Structure Plans, and Neighbourhood Plans.

About Envision Cochrane 2050

From now until the early 2025, Cochrane is developing a new Municipal Development Plan that will guide long-term decision making for our community. Envision Cochrane 2050 has been developed to make sure everyone has a say in how our community evolves and thrives, and community feedback will be at the core of our new plan.

The Envision Cochrane 2050 process will focus on five key themes in alignment with the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. 

  • Identity

    Respecting our heritage, culture and values
  • Livability

    Ensuring access to safe, affordable housing and plenty of green spaces and places for recreation
  • Open Space and Natural Areas

    Protecting our beautiful natural environment for future generations
  • Vibrant Economy

    Supporting our local economy from local businesses and services to the tourism sector
  • Connectivity

    Improving how we move around the community

We want YOU to be part of shaping Cochrane’s future. Over the next several months, the Envision Cochrane 2050 process will give all Cochrane residents a voice in this important planning process. 

 Learn more about the project on LetsTalkCochrane.ca/envision.