Property Assessments

How does assessment impact your property taxes?

The Cochrane Property Tax Calculator compares three example property assessments and how their portion of property taxes are calculated.
Annual assessment process
Annual assessment notices are mailed to property owners in January of each year. The assessed value reflects: 
- the value of your property based on market value as of July 1
- the physical condition of your property as of December 31 of the previous year

Assessments are delivered in advance of your property tax bill. This allows you 60 days to review, make sure property details are correct, and let the assessment department know of any issues before property taxes are calculated.
Property Assessment and Taxes
The assessment value of your property, calculated annually, is used to distribute property taxes fairly and equitably.  Annual property taxes are affected by two factors:
- the assessed value change relative to the assessment base change
- changes in the amount of property taxes the municipality is required to collect

Residential property inspections

The International Associate of Assessing Officers (IAAO) recommends that municipalities establish a regular re-inspection cycle for all properties. In Cochrane, we follow a five-year re-inspection cycle.

This is an important process in the collection and maintenance of accurate property data, which assists the Town of Cochrane in preparing accurate, fair, and equitable assessments.

Residential Property Verification forms are sent to property owners during the re-inspection period (July to September). Communities are selected for re-inspection based on the five-year rotating cycle.

If you receive a Residential Property Verification form, we ask that you review your property details and let the assessment department know of any changes. You can provide it through the Residential Property Verification Form.


Do you have questions about your property assessment? Read our frequently asked questions below.

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