Advocating for Cochrane

To support the needs of our community today and into the future, we recognize an increased need to partner with the Province.
Residents, your voice matters. Help us share Cochrane’s story and talk to the Province about why they should be investing in our community.


Cochrane’s 2024 provincial advocacy priorities are:

Provincial roadways

Support our advocacy for investment in Provincial roadways to support how we move in and through our community.
crews repairing a road

Community infrastructure

Advocate with us for increased support for community infrastructure to strengthen our community.
person with a cane

Access to water

Cochrane is asking the Province to ensure sufficient water licensing to support the current and future needs of the community, as it continues to grow.
Tap water running

As part of building a complete community, Cochrane is also prioritizing advocacy efforts on Provincial responsibilities including:

Healthcare and EMS

Join our advocacy to amplify Cochrane’s voice in Provincial healthcare reform.
Doctor consulting with patient


Advocate with us to ensure adequate school spaces to support effective education for Cochrane’s students.
Children in school

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is about speaking up and taking action for what you believe in. It’s standing up for your own rights or the rights of others and actively working to make positive changes in your community or society.

When a municipality, such as Cochrane, advocates to the provincial and federal governments, it means the local government is not only speaking up but also taking concrete actions to address the needs and concerns of its residents. This could involve asking for funding or support for important community projects like building roads, improving infrastructure, providing better health care services, or addressing environmental issues. Municipalities do this to ensure their community’s needs are heard and addressed by larger governments.