Cochrane students need more school spaces for effective learning.

With more than 300 new K to eight students every year, it's like filling a new school every two to three years.

Education is the responsibility of the Provincial government, and our rapid growth requires more school spaces to accommodate our increasing population. Rocky View Schools has identified the need for a new K-8 school and a new high school in Cochrane.

Residents, your voice matters. Help us share Cochrane’s story and talk to the Province about why they should invest in our community. 

Recent Cochrane school spaces timeline:

  • 2017:  The most recent public elementary school opens in Cochrane.
  • 2022:  Holy Spirit School, part of the Calgary Catholic School District, unveils a new building, replacing the former school. The former Holy Spirit School is re-acquired by Rocky View Schools and becomes the Cochrane Christian Academy.
  • 2023:  The Provincial government approves pre-planning for a kindergarten to grade 8 school in the Capital Plan. This does not guarantee when school development will take place.
  • 2024:  Proposal for a new Cochrane high school is submitted for consideration in the Provincial budget.
  • 2026:   Completion of an expansion to Bow Valley High School, underway now and estimated to be finished in 2026, set to add approximately 300 high school spaces.
  • 2026:  Anticipated increase in K-8 student population to 4,700 in Cochrane with only school space for 3,900. 
  • 2027: Rocky View Schools received construction funding for a K – 8 school in Rivercrest in Budget 2024. Until that school opens – projected to be in September 2027 – utilization of RVS’ K – 8 schools in Cochrane will remain high at 101%.

Help us share Cochrane’s story

While the Town of Cochrane advocates for our community’s needs, your voice amplifies our efforts and personalizes our priorities.

Check out the tips below for writing effective emails to our government officials, sharing information online, asking questions, and staying informed.

  • focus on the facts
  • be clear on the reason for your communication
  • try to focus on collaboration with the Provincial government rather than being adversarial

How you can help

Send an email advocating for additional investment in education

Advocate for additional investment in Cochrane’s education by emailing government officials.

Premier Danielle Smith 

Environment and Protected Areas, Minister Rebecca Schulz

Minister of Agriculture and MLA Airdrie-Cochrane, Minister Peter Guthrie 

Need a starting point?

Use this sample email as is or make it your own by including your own experiences.
Children in school


Use social media, blogs, podcasts, or interviews to share Cochrane’s story. Add your own experiences and thoughts to make it personal and engaging.

Ask questions

Engage with Provincial elected officials by asking questions about the advocacy priorities. Your inquiries can increase understanding and provide opportunities for dialogue.

Sample questions

Can you provide an update on the progress of the pre-planning for the K-8 school approved in the 2023 Capital Plan?

Q. What is the Province doing to ensure timely construction and staffing of new schools, particularly in response to the anticipated increase in student population in Cochrane?

When do you anticipate pre-planning approval for a new Cochrane high school, submitted for approval in the 2024 Provincial budget?

Stay informed

Check back here often for updates on advocacy priorities and progress to remain part of the conversation so you can continue advocating for Cochrane's needs.