Business Programs

Building an economy on local entrepreneurship and supporting local business growth requires embracing programs that fuel innovation. In collaboration with local partners and provincial networks, Cochrane Business Development facilitates programming at many stages to support the challenges of the growing a business in Cochrane.  

For early enterprenuers

SMARTstart: learn to launch

SMARTstart is an entrepreneurial training and development program that supports new entrepreneurs through mentorship, online training, and in-person workshop with local experts. The eight-month, part-time program provides real-world business skills, access to customized advice and the creation of a support network. The program’s goal is to increase the percentage of new businesses that survive their crucial early years. 

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For growth-stage businesses

Ready for growth in 2024? Join the Cochrane Business Incubator!

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Cochrane Business Incubator: full steam ahead

The Cochrane Business Incubator connects you to experts, resources and like-minded people to help you turn your business idea into a reality. If you have a business, the 12 to 24-month program can help you refine your business model, develop a pitch and charge full steam ahead in your growth.

This program is for full-time founders to lay the foundation for business growth. Acceptance to the incubator includes access to a fully equipped workspace at the Cochrane Innovation Centre.

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For local business mentors

SMARTstart requires enthusiastic and experienced business owners each year.  Mentorship is an opportunity for experienced business owners to give back to a new or soon-to-be business owner.  

Through SMARTstart, mentors are paired with an entrepreneur for the duration of the program. Matching is based on the Mentor’s strengths and the Entrepreneur’s needs.

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