Cochrane Cemeteries

The Cochrane Parks Department oversees a total of three Cemeteries. These are located on Centre Ave N between the subdivision of Sunterra Ridge and the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre.

The Cochrane Cemetery was established in 1996 and is the current location for all new inground burial plot purchases.

  • Block 1 is specifically for cremations and each plot is sold for a maximum of 2 cremated remains.
  • Block 2 accommodates a combination of casket and cremation burials and is nearing capacity.
  • Block 3 we will be opening this section in 2024 and it will accommodate a combination of casket and cremation burials.

All plots in the Cochrane Cemetery are assigned at the time of need and may not be pre-selected.

St. Andrews Cemetery is known as the Protestant Cemetery. All plots are considered reserved and it has been closed to new plot purchases since the Cochrane Cemetery opened in 1996.

  • Two Columbaria were erected in St. Andrews in 2018. Each Columbaria consists of 64 Niches which can accommodate a maximum of two cremated remains in each. Niches may be chosen and pre-purchased at any time.

St. Mary’s Cemetery is known as the Catholic Cemetery. All plots are considered reserved, and it has been closed to new plot purchases since the Cochrane Cemetery opened in 1996.

Cemetery maintenance

Although Cemeteries are regularly maintained and monitored there is a full seasonal a full clean up in all cemeteries is performed each Spring (April) and Fall (August)  by Town staff. All non-compliant items are removed and placed for pick-up on the shelf at the entrance of the Cochrane Cemetery for a period of one month.

Non-compliant items include plants, flowers, ground cover, rock, mulch, borders, fences, pictures, ornaments, flower holders or vases, pots, jars, bottles, crosses, wreathes, upright decorations and more. Please check the Cemetery bylaw for details.

Markers with permanent vases are permitted to have fresh or silk flowers.

The parks department typically tops up and seeds or sods every spring on plots that have settled.

Cemetery fees and charges

In Ground Burial Plots

For information on scheduling an interment, please contact the Cochrane Parks & Open Spaces department. Seventy-two (72) hours notice is required before the scheduled burial service is to take place.

The Town of Cochrane offers both casket and cremation burials

Casket burials

The Town of Cochrane offers double depth burial plots with one monument permitted per plot. Locations are determined at the time of need. Plots allow for the following configurations:

  • two casket burials; first interment at the lower level, second interment at the upper level
  • a single casket burial at the lower level (must be first interment) and up to 6 cremations in the upper level
  • upper level only for a single casket OR up to six cremations (no cremations are permitted on top of an upper level burial)

Cremation Burials

The Town of Cochrane offers an in ground cremation section in Block 1. These plots allow for:

  • two standard sized urns OR one companion urn
  • one flat marker is permitted on this plot
  • plot is designated at the time of need, there is no choice of location

 St. Mary's and St. Andrews Cemeteries are closed to new in ground plot purchases. St. Andrews Cemetery contains two Columbaria where the purchase of a specified Niche is permitted.

The Town of Cochrane cannot be held liable for any damages or loss resulting from theft or vandalism to monuments, vases, flowers or wreaths. For additional information on burial options and approved monuments, please contact Cemetery Services.

Cemetery Master Plan

Cochrane Town Council approved the Cemetery Master Plan in 2016 with goals of:

  • creating strategies to improve the layout and operation of the Cochrane Cemetery
  • implementing current best practices and trends
  • enhancing the range of interment options