Planning & Land Use

Planning and Land Use ensure that community growth happens on purpose.  Planning documents approved by Council are the blueprints of how Cochrane building and development unfolds. Some areas and neighbourhoods take 20 years before they are fully built out, and depend on market factors, regional population trends and the economy in general.

Cochrane planning department handles planning policies and procedures. They provide advice to Council, the Cochrane Planning Commission (CPC), and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). To learn about the specific process and plans, see the pages below.

Development summary

The reports include details of the Area Structure Plans (ASP) and Neighbourhood Plans (NP) that have been approved or have been applied for

  • an estimated number of units in each plan area
  • an estimated number of units which have been built and the remaining amount of units
  • an estimated amount of lots that have been granted subdivision approval

Based on these estimates, we are able to calculate land supply estimates, the amount of population growth that could be accommodated by approved ASP and NP plan areas, and how these estimates relate to current water availability estimates.