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Use this form to request building, electrical, gas, plumbing or business license fire inspections. We require two business days notice. In order for your inspections to be booked in a timely manner please fill out all required fields. All inspections may be booked for Monday-Friday.

ATTENTION: If inspections cannot be book on the preferred inspection date, they will be booked for the next available date. You will receive confirmation on the date the inspection has been booked. No specific times are booked for inspections. 

If the application is received after 3:00 PM it is considered as the next day

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Please email to book! *After plumbing final/before final inspection

If the site is locked, how will the safety codes officer access the site?

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Do you need to book a fire inspection?

Prior to a fire inspection being requested, all Town of Cochrane Development and Building Permits and conditions must be signed off. Proof of compliance may be requested.

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Inspections are required for all work being done in Cochrane. To determine how many inspections your project requires, see the following document:

Minimum Number of Inspections

Use our online booking inspection form to complete your application. We require two business days notice to book an inspection. Please complete all required fields to have your inspection booked in a timely manner. 

All inspections may be booked Monday -Friday. Please note that you cannot book an inspection for a specific time. If inspections cannot be booked on the preferred inspection date, they will be booked for the following date. You will receive confirmation on the date your inspection has been booked.