Active Transportation

Discover the benefits of active transportation in Cochrane

Active transportation, such as walking, scootering, and cycling, offers many advantages for Cochrane and its residents. It fosters a healthier lifestyle in our picturesque environment, spurs economic growth by supporting local businesses, reduces traffic congestion, attracts eco-conscious tourism, and helps preserve our natural beauty.

Through ongoing efforts, the town is expanding its pathway network. Making it safe and accessible for residents and visitors to walk and cycle throughout the community. Cochrane takes a holistic approach by considering all pathways as integral transportation corridors, ensuring they are fully accessible and maintained year-round to provide residents with reliable transportation options in all seasons. These initiatives encourage physical activity and contribute to Cochrane's commitment to environmental sustainability, connectivity, livability, a vibrant economy, and a healthier, more vibrant future for all.

The Town of Cochrane is creating an active transportation plan to further enhance our pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. In line with this vision, a pilot project in collaboration with BIRD Scooters offers an option to make it even more convenient for you to get around Cochrane.

E-scooter Pilot Project

In June 2023, electric transportation company, Bird, hit the streets of Cochrane as a part of the shared electric scooter pilot project.
person riding bird e-scooter

Bike Lanes

The Town of Cochrane is committed to making cycling a safe and attractive transportation choice for people of all ages and abilities, for both commuting and recreational purposes.
man in red shirt biking down a pathway

Trails and Pathways

Cochrane has over 80 kilometres of pathways, trails and public sidewalks. This pathway system helps connect several areas of town.
winding trail surrounding by grass

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