Wastewater Collection

The Town of Cochrane is responsible for handling wastewater and sewage. While sanitary sewage gets pumped to the City of Calgary for treatment, Cochrane is responsible for maintaining and operating our wastewater collection system, the pipeline to the City of Calgary including hydrogen sulfide gas and odour concerns. 

Cochrane operates a main pump station to move sewage to Calgary. Additionally, the wastewater collection system includes: 

  • nine smaller pump stations (lift stations)
  • 163 km of sewer mains
  • 1,533 manholes

To keep everything running smoothly, Cochrane regularly checks and maintains the pump stations and pipes and monitors any hydrogen sulfide gas and odour concerns to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Think before you flush

Just because the items you flush leave the toilet bowl, doesn’t mean they have made it through the sewer system, or even left the pipe under your home. What is flushed down your toilets can cause major issues in your home, building, community and to the environment. The following items should not be flushed down your toilet: 

  • flushable wipes and paper towels
    • these items are too thick and sturdy to flush; they do not break down and can build up, causing clogs 
  • food, kitty litter, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls and cotton swabs 
    • these items do not break down; they can clump together and cause clogs 
  • band-aids, floss and condoms 
    • these items are not biodegradable; they will stick together, to other items and to the inside of your pipes, creating blockages
  • cigarettes, cleaning supplies and pharmaceuticals 
    • these items may not cause blockages, but they can contaminate the water system; the chemicals can poison aquatic environments, infiltrate drinking water, kill good bacteria or increase bacterial resistance to pharmaceuticals

Keep it simple and only flush the 4 P’s

  • pee 
  • poop
  • puke 
  • paper (toilet paper)

Remember, even if something says it's ‘flushable,’ that doesn’t mean it is good for your toilet, your plumbing or our environment.