Sanitary Sewer Inspections

To keep the Cochrane's utilities and infrastructure in good shape, the Water and Wastewater department does proactive maintenance.

You might see workers in your neighbourhood inspecting the sewer pipes using special cameras. These cameras go down the pipes to check for any issues like breaks, cracks or sags.  This technology helps save money by reducing the need for costly flushing and inspections. The inspections give important information to the Town, showing if any parts of the sewer system need to be fixed or replaced. 

The work happens all around the Town, but it won’t cause much trouble for drivers. You should still be able to pass through the work area easily, and they don’t expect any major interruptions to your water service. 

What you need to know

This month, starting on Thursday, May 2, 2024, Sanitary CCTV Inspections will begin in Sunset Ridge and Heritage Hills. 

Before the inspection, you might see no parking signs on some roads, so traffic can go through easily. The inspection takes about an hour for each stretch of sewer pipes. 

While t hey inspect, sometimes air can come into homes through the sewer pipes. This might cause the water in the toilet bowl to bubble or even splash out, but it’s not common. To avoid any smells or splashing, it’s a good idea to keep the toilet lid down during the inspection. If you notice any strange smells in your home, just run the water into your drains to clear things out.

The Water and Wastewater department can answer your questions at 403-851-2590 or by using our online contact form.