Fire Services

Cochrane Fire Services (CFS) aim is to protect the people and property within Cochrane through prevention, inspection, education, fire suppression and rescue.

Cochrane Fire Services has service agreements with Rocky View County, MD of Bighorn, Redwood Meadows, Stoney Nation, and Alberta Forestry, and is a co-response agency for Alberta Health Services. 

Fire prevention

Fire prevention works closely with other departments to ensure new subdivisions and buildings are designed and built to the most recent code requirements, regulations and guidelines. 

The fire prevention team is a proactive resource for businesses, schools and anyone else in Cochrane who requires information or recommendations regarding fire safety plans, fire drills, replacement of smoke detectors and selection of fire extinguishers.

Check the Fire danger rating

Weather and fire hazard conditions can change rapidly. It is the responsibility of anyone who starts a fire to know the community fire hazard level, manage their fire and extinguish the fire completely.

Public education and hall tours

Learn about the programs and services offered by fire services. Learn tips and tricks and how you can be fire safe all year long.

Fire inspections and investigations

All businesses and building owners are responsible to comply with the National Fire Code (NFC). Cochrane’s Quality Management Plan (QMP) dictates how often fire inspections are required for each type of business.