COLT & On-It Regional Service

Expanded COLT and On-It Integrated Regional Service

The Town of Cochrane, in partnership with SOUTHLAND Transportation offer a transit service integration with COLT and On-It. The service offers fixed routes between Cochrane and Calgary.

This innovative public-private partnership aims to increase local transit capacity and create a robust regional transit schedule that meets the needs of the community. The regional service offers an easy and affordable option for people travelling between Cochrane and Calgary for work, school, shopping, and social activities.

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Fares and pricing

The COLT and On-It integration aims to connect people from their neighbourhood to the city, and vice versa, at a fraction of the cost of driving. The regional service fares, which include the local COLT connection, will cost:


on-it bus on the road

Cochrane to Calgary: 

  • The Station to Brentwood LRT Station/University of Calgary: 7 trips per weekday
  • The Station to Downtown Calgary: 4 trips per weekday

Calgary to Cochrane: 

  • Brentwood LRT Station/University of Calgary to The Station: 7 trips per weekday
  • Downtown Calgary to The Station : 4 trips per weekday

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