Household Water Use

In 2023, the Cochrane water treatment plant produced 3,126 million litres of water. Approximately 2,006 million litres of this was consumed in residential homes.

The average residential home used 388 litres/day during the winter and 494 litres/day during the summer. On a monthly basis, this works out to an average consumption of 11.4 cubic metres (11,400 litres) and 14.4 cubic metres (14,400 litres) respectively.

    Water use check: things to look for at home

    Concerned about your water use?  Check the following around your home for leaks or excess water use.

    Typical household water use 

    If you are concerned about your household water use, consider comparing your household use to the average water use for certain fixtures and appliances. This can help give you a sense of whether you are using more water than expected: 

    • taking a 10-minutes shower with a low flow shower head uses 76 litres of water per person 
    • one high efficient dishwasher load uses 15 litres of water, older dishwashers might use up to 40 litres 
    • washing a load of laundry in a high-efficiency machine uses about 45 litres, but an older machine might use 140 litres 
    • flushing the toilet four times a day per person uses 48 litres daily (around 4.8 litres per flush) 

    CMHC Household Guide to Water Efficiency

    Household Conservation Tips

    It's also good to keep in mind ways to conserve water when thinking about your household water use. Here are a few helpful tips:

    Tap water running
    Be conscious of running your taps
    Be conscious of running the tap, such as after you brush your teeth or when washing your hands. When washing your hands, ensure you shut-off the tap after 20 seconds or after the chorus of your favourite song.
    Take shorter showers
    Try taking a shorter shower (5 minutes) instead of a bath, as a shower uses less water than baths.
    dishes in dishwasher
    Scrape your plates after eating
    Scrape your plates after you eat instead of rinsing them before loading them into the dishwasher.
    person in warm blanket
    Wrap up in a blanket to keep warm
    Feeling chilled? Wrap up in a cozy blanket instead of soaking in a hot bath to keep warm.
    man fixing toilet
    Be vigilant of leaking toilets
    Keep an eye on leaking toilets and fix as soon as you can.
    dishes in dishwasher
    Run a full dishwasher
    Did you know that using a dishwasher can use less water than washing your dishes by hand? Just be sure to run a full load to maximize the water you are using.
    full laundry basket
    Do a full load of laundry
    Do a full load of laundry using your washing machine's load-sensing feature if you have one.

    Water meters

    The Town of Cochrane uses two kinds of water metres to measure how much water you use at home.