Healthcare & EMS

As Cochranites, we care deeply about our medical services. While we understand this falls under the Province’s jurisdiction, we’re uniting to advocate for better healthcare. We're pushing for improved emergency medical services, around-the-clock urgent care, and increased availability of local doctors.

The Province is actively working on healthcare reform and they want to hear from us. We need to ensure they understand our needs, especially regarding emergency medical services in Cochrane.

Our community requires a commitment from the Province for 24-hour urgent care and measures to attract and retain local doctors. Healthcare is a provincial responsibility, and it's crucial that we voice our concerns.


Residents, your voice matters. Help us share Cochrane’s story and talk to the Province about why they should invest in our community. 

Help us share Cochrane’s story

While the Town of Cochrane advocates for our community’s needs, your voice amplifies our efforts and personalizes our priorities.

Check out the tips below for writing effective emails to our government officials, sharing information online, asking questions, and staying informed.

  • focus on the facts
  • be clear on the reason for your communication
  • try to focus on collaboration with the Provincial government rather than being adversarial

How you can help

Send an email advocating for additional investment in education

Advocate for additional investment in Cochrane’s healthcare and EMS by emailing government officials.

Premier Danielle Smith 

Environment and Protected Areas, Minister Rebecca Schulz

Minister of Agriculture and MLA Airdrie-Cochrane, Minister Peter Guthrie 

Need a starting point?

Use this sample email as is or make it your own by including your own experiences.
Doctor consulting with patient


Use social media, blogs, podcasts, or interviews to share Cochrane’s story. Add your own experiences and thoughts to make it personal and engaging.

Content inspiration:
  • Tell your personal stories about the need for improved EMS, 24-hour urgent care, and the attraction and retention of local doctors.
  • Ask questions of Provincial elected officials (see some suggested questions below).
  • Interview a Provincial elected official about healthcare needs in Cochrane.
  • Interview a Cochrane councillor or healthcare needs in Cochrane.

Ask questions

Engage with Provincial elected officials by asking questions about the advocacy priorities. Your inquiries can increase understanding and provide opportunities for dialogue.

Sample questions

What is the Province doing to address the concerns raised by Cochrane residents regarding healthcare access and emergency medical services?

Can you provide details on the healthcare reform initiatives currently underway and Alberta and how they will impact Cochrane specifically?

How does the Province plan to collaborate with municipalities to develop and implement improvements to the ambulance system?

What measures is the Province considering to ensure timely access to emergency medical services for all Albertans, particularly those in rural communities like Cochrane?

Is there a timeline for guaranteeing 24/7 urgent care in Cochrane, and what resources will be allocated to ensure associated staffing needs are met?

How does the Province intend to effectively attract and retain physicians in municipalities like Cochrane?

What strategies is the Province implementing to address the healthcare workforce shortage in rural communities and increase capacity through education and training programs?

Stay informed

Check back here often for updates on advocacy priorities and progress to remain part of the conversation so you can continue advocating for Cochrane's needs.