When it comes to housing, Cochrane offers something or everyone—from starter homes to larger estates. The variety of available housing makes Cochrane a great community for people just getting started on their own, or seasoned professionals looking for a space to grow their families.

Entry-level homes, including condos and townhouses, start in the $150,000 to $400,000 range. If you’re looking for a bit more space, homes over 2,000 square feet start at around $500,000.

Larger properties in Cochrane start closer to $800,000, depending on the location. These larger properties boast amenities such as pools, gardens and golf course views. If you're interested in more space than what's available in town, you’ll find multi-acre properties just outside town limits.

Not looking to buy? Rental options in Cochrane include apartments, condos and townhouses. These rentals often include high-end amenities, such as pools and gyms. Spread out across Cochrane, you’ll find rentals in both the historic downtown area and in established communities near schools and other local services. 

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Cochrane Society for Housing Options (CSHO)

Cochrane Society for Housing Options (CSHO) provides rental housing where tenants pay a discounted percentage of what is considered the average market rent for the area, set by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. CSHO rental rates are set at a minimum of 10% below market value.

For more information visit: CSHO Cochrane Society for Housing Options | CSHO