Host a Block Party

Block parties bring neighbourhoods together and help build community bonds. If you're interested in hosting a block party, we’ve pulled together a list of Town resources to help you plan and prepare. Start the process by reviewing our Block Party Guide, which outlines step-by-step how to host a block party and provides planning templates. 

2023 Block Party Guide

Planning considerations

As you prepare for your block party, it's important to make sure you’ve obtained the right permits and permissions.

To begin, you will need to complete a block party application and submit it to Cochrane Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) or email We recommend you begin the party planning process, starting with a submitted block party application, no later than three weeks before your block party. 

You should also discuss liability insurance with your home insurance provider in the early planning stages. If your block party is taking place on a street or a road, you will need to obtain a street use permit.

For more information on how to close a road or other potential permits your block part will need, visit Community Event Planning or email us. 

Community Block Party Trailer

The Community Block Party Trailer comes with everything you need to host a block party. If you are planning a block party, renting the trailer is an easy way to ensure you have everything you need. The Community Block Party Trailer comes with:

  • 12 folding chairs
  • one broom
  • two barricades (four feet / two rails)
  • two hockey nets
  • four hockey sticks
  • one water-fight kit (pail)
  • one first aid kit
  • three puck locks (trailer doors)
  • keys (three total)
  • one trailer hitch lock
  • five EZ Track ratchet straps
  • three folding tables (eight feet)
  • one cooler
  • one chalkboard / chalk 
  • one canopy
  • one griddle
  • one Jumpstart bag 
  • one step stool
  • boot lock (tire) 
  • tire chocks (two yellow, one wood)





Trailer booking process 

You can request use of the Community Block Party Trailer while scheduling your block party with FCSS. Once the block party is approved and the trailer is booked, we will reach out to arrange a pickup time. You can pick up and return the trailer to the Protective Services Centre parking lot (20 Grande Blvd.). The trailer must be returned by no later than 10 a.m. the day following your block party. You can return the keys using the front door drop box at FCSS (#1, 209 – 2nd Ave. W.) after dropping off the trailer.