Host a Block Party

Block parties bring neighbourhoods together and help build community bonds. If you're interested in hosting a block party, we’ve pulled together a list of Town resources to help you plan and prepare. Start the process by reviewing our Block Party Guide, which outlines step-by-step how to host a block party and provides planning templates. 

Block Party Guide

Planning considerations

As you prepare for your block party, it's important to make sure you’ve obtained the right permits and permissions.

  • Complete a block party application and submit it to Cochrane Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) or email We recommend you submit your application no later than three weeks before your block party. 
  • You should also discuss liability insurance with your home insurance provider in the early planning stages.
  • Obtain a street use permit if your block party is taking place on a street or a road, you will need to

For more information on how to close a road or other potential permits your block party will need, visit Community Event Planning or email us.

Bookings available May 21 - October 13, 2024 (bookings will open April 2024)

Community Block Party Trailer

Trailer booking process 

You can request use of the Community Block Party Trailer while scheduling your block party with FCSS. Please fill out the form below.