Highway 1A/22 Interchange

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Spring 2023 - Fall 2025
Highway 1A/22 Intersection

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Construction of the provincial HWY 1A/22 interchange project is officially underway! The project will improve the flow of traffic along the Highway 22 corridor and make both highways safer for all travelers.

*There have been a number of inquiries regarding the ability for emergency services to access the communities of Sunset Ridge, Heartland and Heritage Hills during construction and the associated heavy traffic volumes. Throughout construction, Cochrane Protective Services are engaged in regular project updates with the contractor and Alberta Transportation to ensure that emergency access is maintained for all communities as public safety is a top priority.

AB transportation updates:

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors has provided the following update regarding traffic impacts:

  • April 22: Haul Truck Operations Begin

    Crews will be hauling material across both the east and south legs of the detour roundabout and continue throughout the summer. Crossings will be flagger controlled.

    DATE TBC: Historic Ranche Parking Lot Closure

    • Vehicle access to Historic Ranche parking lot closed for utility construction.

    • Alternate Parking: Parents advised to park in front of the Alliance Church on Glenbow Drive and use the pathway to access the tri-schools.

    • Pedestrians/cyclists will be accommodated through the work zone on a pathway detour.


  • Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors has announced that the fourth leg of the Highway 1A detour connecting the east side of Highway 1A to the temporary roundabout opened on November 3, 2023. The detour will remain in effect until 2025 to redirect traffic around the construction area for the new interchange.
    Drivers should expect:
    •    The roundabout will operate like other multi-lane roundabouts. Drivers on each approach must yield to drivers already in the circle.
    • Drivers should slow down and observe all new signs to ensure they are in the correct lane for their intended destination when they approach the roundabout. Being in the correct lane will help minimize lane changes or conflicts when exiting the roundabout. Map
  • The pedestrian tunnel under Highway 22 will be permanently closed on Thursday. August 24. Pedestrians will be re-routed south, using the existing paved pathway to the east of the pedestrian tunnel, adjacent to Quigley Close, to cross Highway 22.  Detour map (JPEG)
  • The temporary roundabout (JPEG) on the northwest corner of the interchange and first leg of the detour along Highway 1A near Highway 22 will open on the evening of Thursday, August 10, to redirect traffic around the construction area for the new interchange. 
  • The second leg of the detour connecting the east side of Highway 1A to the roundabout was completed in 2023. The overall detour will remain in effect until 2025. 
  • AB Transportation permanently closed the right-in and right-out access to Ranche Road (JPEG) from HWY 22 as it overlaps with the exit and entrance ramps of the new interchange. As well as RR 43 at HWY 22. 
  • The pathway between Glenbow and the Historic Ranche beneath Hwy 1A will be closed until October, with a detour in place.  

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