Financial Information Resource Management (FIRM) Program

Service category

Are your stressed about your financial situation? Do you have a difficult time paying for all your expenses each month?

The Financial Information Resource Management (FIRM) Program is to support and educate individuals and families to better understand their personal finances, budgeting, reduce financial stress, and empower them to reach their financial goals. The program is offered either individually or in group format.

Individual and family support

An intake assessment session is completed to determine the needs of the client. This could include identifying financial issues that are causing stress and worry, determining financial resources, and potential goals may be discussed.

First and/or subsequent sessions provide:

  • personal asset coaching
  • basic money management skills
  • creating a manageable budget
  • debt repayment plans
  • banking information
  • resource information

Group information sessions

Information sessions are offered to provide participants with an introduction to basic money management skills and an understanding of financial well-being. Sessions help participants identify knowledge and skills they already possess as well as identify areas where they may want additional information or support.

For more information or to access the FIRM program, individual or group sessions please contact FCSS.