Administration provides update on Historic Ranche and Glenbow pathway improvement project

Administration provides update on Historic Ranche and Glenbow pathway improvement project

(Cochrane, AB) – Administration provided an update on two upcoming capital projects: the replacement of four pedestrian bridges in Glenbow and the paving of a 3-meter-wide pathway between the Historic Ranche and Glenbow park. 

The Historic Ranche and Glenbow pathway improvement project aims to improve connections between the community of Sunset Ridge, Cochrane Ranche, Glenbow and the Bow River. The goal is to make the pathways more accessible for users of all abilities to enjoy, while also addressing critical issues including pathway maintenance and preservation of these heavily frequented natural spaces.

“Council and Administration remain committed to ensuring community connectivity – and these projects play a vital role in addressing some of the challenges our pathway users may be experiencing,” said Michelle Delorme, Manager of Community Services, Town of Cochrane. “Investing in the bridges and pathways will ensure that this beloved space can continue to be utilized year-round by a variety of users for many years to come.” 

In March 2022, Council endorsed Administration putting forward a grant application for $770,400 through the Active Transportation Fund. Upon securing grant approval, a comprehensive examination of Glenbow and Cochrane Ranche occurred, identifying the need to also repair the Glenbow pedestrian bridges. As a result, the lifecycle of four bridges in Glenbow and paving of the three-meter-wide pathway through Glenbow Park and Historic Ranche were brought forward to Council as one project, as work is planned to occur in tandem.

The project is anticipated to begin in July and is planned in phases to minimize disruption to pathway users, wildlife and the environment. Significant progress has already been made, with detailed planning focused on minimizing the environmental impact on park streams. The project plan received approval through the Public Lands Act and environmental site assessments were conducted, including a fish habitat assessment and a vegetation survey. Additional steps completed to date include Indigenous consultation, a historical resource impact assessment application, and navigable waters application. 

During construction, the Glenbow park and Historic Ranche pathways will be closed, with pedestrian detours in place. The Glenbow playground and tennis courts will also be closed during construction. 

“When work began on this project last year, we received feedback from area residents with concerns about the removal of trees or alteration of the natural landscape,” added Delorme. “We’ve developed a more robust communications strategy to help the community to understand the goal of this investment in our parks and pathways, as well as to speak to how we are committed to ensuring the preservation of the natural environment. And we welcome the opportunity to continue these conversations at the upcoming capital projects open house.” 

Residents are encouraged to attend the Capital Projects Open House scheduled for April 11 at the Station from 4-7pm and April 13 at SLS from 9am-1pm to ask their question and learn more about the project.  

The total project cost for the bridge replacement and pathway paving is $3m, with $670,000 covered by the grant and $1.76m  from reserves. As a result of the project’s robust requirements, Administration will be bringing forward a request for $619,210.75 in additional funds to complete both projects to the April 22 regular meeting of Council.  The additional funds are required to support adjustments in project timelines, compliance requirements with the Historical Resources Act, as well as inflationary factors.

While $670,000 of the grant is going towards the paving project, $100,400 of the grant is required to be allocated to the installation of wayfinding signage, maps, and multimodal markers to ensure that residents and visitors can easily navigate and explore the community. The wayfinding project will be brought forward in 2025 ensuring Administration is meeting the timelines of the grant to have all the projects completed by the end of 2025.

Residents can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding this project by visiting or by joining the information session on April 11 and 13. Additional opportunities to learn more about the project will be available at the Spring Trade Show (scheduled for May 4 & 5 at SLS) and at the Town of Cochrane and United Way BBQ scheduled for June 21st at the Station.