Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ advocate for collaborative Provincial partnership

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The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus (MCMC) are calling on Provincial Party Leaders to commit to developing a framework that ensures a meaningful, working partnership is built between the Provincial government and Alberta’s mid-sized communities to support the needs of all Albertans. 

The MCMC hosted an event at the QEII Building last week (Nov 1) to share the caucus’ key focus areas with Provincial dignitaries. Caucus Chair Mayor Jeff Genung delivered remarks, followed by the Honourable Minister Ric McIver.

“The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus values the opportunity to continue to build a collaborative partnership with the leaders of our Province,” said Town of Cochrane Mayor Jeff Genung, Chair of the Alberta MCMC. “Opportunities such as these reflect our commitment to working with the Province to build public policy that benefits all Albertans, living in all communities. Today marks yet another milestone in furthering that relationship.”  

Through connection and collaboration, the MCMC has set strategic priorities to advocate to the provincial government. Key focus areas of the MCMC include:

  • Equitable and appropriate capital funding
  • Community safety and wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Housing

The event on November 1 was attended by, but not limited to:

  • The Honourable Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta
  • The Honourable Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs
  • The Honourable Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure  
  • The Honourable Mike Ellis, Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Services
  • The Honourable Brian Jean, Minister of Energy & Minerals
  • The Honourable Nathan Neudorf, Minister of Affordability & Utilities
  • The Honourable Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy & Trade
  • The Honourable Searle Turton, Minister of Children & Family Services
  • The Honourable Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture & Status of Women
  • The Honourable Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation & Economic Corridors
  • The Honourable Dan Williams, Minister of Mental Health & Addiction
  • The Honourable Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Advanced Education
  • The Honourable Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration & Multiculturalism

The event was also attended by several Parliamentary Secretaries, numerous MLAs from both the UCP and NDP parties, as well as a number of Ministry staff.

“The AB MCMC continues to make inroads into partnering with the province on creating an environment for all Albertans to thrive,” added Genung. “As our province and our communities continue to grow, so does the need for services, infrastructure and supports. We want to grow together and support that growth well into the future. Together, we hope to build a partnership of long-term prosperity.”

In January 2024, the Caucus is hosting an inaugural winter summit in Canmore. The three-day event will include Mayors and Councillors from all mid-sized communities, as well as provincial dignitaries. This event provides attendees from across the province an opportunity to collaborate and connect with their colleagues and learn more about the important role of the MCMC.  

The Alberta MCMC Caucus is comprised of 24 municipalities which are located across 28 provincial constituencies and represent nearly one million Albertans. The municipalities range from large suburban and urban centres to regional service centres for rural Alberta. Collectively, the Caucus develops strategies to respond to matters of mutual concern and advocates for the needs of Alberta’s mid-sized municipalities. The member municipalities have similar needs for resources and services as Alberta’s two largest urban centres, without comparable access to similar funding or support opportunities.

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