Alberta Municipalities Award Of Excellence Honours Mayor Jeff Genung

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(Cochrane, AB) – The Alberta Municipalities Award of Excellence, which recognizes exceptional civic leadership by current or former municipal elected officials with a minimum of three years in office in Alberta, has announced its winners for this year. Among the distinguished recipients is Mayor Jeff Genung of the Town of Cochrane, who was nominated by Councillor Susan Flowers for his extraordinary commitment to the community. 

"Mayor Genung's commitment to Cochrane and his outstanding leadership have been transformative for our community. This award is a testament to his unwavering dedication to making Cochrane a town that residents proudly call home," says Councillor Susan Flowers, Town of Cochrane.

At the June 12, 2023, Council Meeting, Councillor Flowers praised Genung’s dedication to Cochrane, highlighting several noteworthy achievements that led to his nomination.

In recognizing Mayor Genung's accomplishments, CAO Mike Derricott commended him for his remarkable contributions to the Town. Derricott stated, "Mayor Genung's exemplary leadership has extended beyond the confines of Cochrane, his ability to cultivate robust ties with the province and facilitate municipal collaboration has left an enduring imprint on the progress and advancement of our community.”

One of Mayor Genung's remarkable accomplishments is his role as the Chair of the Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus. Under his guidance, this caucus has evolved into a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing and advocacy on issues relevant to mid-sized cities. His ability to facilitate meaningful discussions and build consensus has yielded positive outcomes for Cochrane and other municipalities.

Mayor Genung's active involvement in the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB), where he served as a valuable member and former Vice-Chair from March 2019 to 2023, has significantly contributed to regional cooperation and sustainable growth. Through his dedicated efforts, Cochrane's interests have been well-represented, and the Town has forged stronger bonds with neighbouring communities. 

His visionary leadership is evident in the successful establishment of the innovation centre in Cochrane, positioning the Town as a hub for cutting-edge technology and economic growth. The innovation centre is expected to attract substantial investments and job opportunities, providing a head start to local startups. Additionally, Mayor Genung's role in realizing the Garmin expansion in Cochrane has been instrumental in diversifying the local economy and achieving a significant milestone for the community. 

Mayor Genung's involvement in the Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) showcases his exceptional relationship-building skills and commitment to inclusivity. This effort has not only strengthened ties with the First Nations community but has also created opportunities for collaborative ventures. 

His advocacy efforts with the provincial government have resulted in increased attention and critical funding for the Town of Cochrane. Mayor Genung's strategic and persuasive communication skills have positioned Cochrane as an outstanding municipality deserving of recognition.

Mayor Genung's steadfast commitment to the Cochrane community has not only earned the commendation of Councillor Patrick Wilson but also garnered unanimous support for his nomination from the entire Council. His advocacy efforts, dedication and visionary leadership have propelled Cochrane toward becoming a thriving, inclusive, and prosperous community. Through his determined stewardship, Cochrane has seen substantial enhancements in infrastructure, elevated service standards, and a surge in opportunities, all of which have played a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being and overall quality of life for residents. 

On behalf of Cochrane Administration, please join us in congratulating Mayor Genung on this award. 


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