Building Stronger Communities: Cochrane Recognizes Good Neighbour Day

Today, Cochrane proudly joins the national celebration of Good Neighbour Day, an occasion dedicated to nurturing kindness, compassion and unity among neighbours. This day presents a remarkable opportunity to strengthen Cochrane's communities, fostering vibrancy and connectivity.

Poster with garden shovel, car and raised hand image.

 This year, Cochrane is taking an active role by sharing valuable tips and insights on how residents can enhance their mindfulness and, in turn, become exemplary neighbours. These invaluable tips include extending kindness and compassion, being considerate of noise levels, individual properties and shared spaces, offering a helping hand when possible and more.   

 “We are fully committed to creating neighbourhoods where every resident feels deeply connected, valued and safe,” says Frank Borsos, Manager of Municipal Enforcement, Town of Cochrane. “Being a good neighbour is a cornerstone in the construction of building and enduring meaningful relationships within the community. It's more than just extending a helping hand; it's about being there to support, listen and contribute to the collective well-being of your neighbours. Through acts of empathy and consideration, we can collectively shape Cochrane into a place where every neighbour feels a profound sense of belonging.”

 Good Neighbour Day is an opportunity to cultivate deeper connections within the community. Residents are wholeheartedly encouraged to explore the concept “good neighbours create great communities” and join in creating neighbourhoods overflowing with kindness and regard for all. 

 For more information on how to be a good neighbour and actively participate in these initiatives, visit