Cochrane recognizes Garhe Meheduwa (Cochrane) Indigenous Art and Culture Week

Cochrane, AB – Cochrane Council has proclaimed that March 16-23, 2024, will be recognized as the first year for the annual Garhe Meheduwa (Cochrane) Indigenous Art and Culture week.

The intent of this week is to recognize and celebrate the richness of Indigenous Arts and Culture. In the spirit of reconciliation, collaboration, celebration and friendship we look forward to honoring the lyarhe Nakoda people and the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of this country.

The event, driven by local and surrounding community members, will showcase Indigenous Art and Culture in various mediums that will educate, provide opportunity, raise awareness, entertain, build bridges and make connections. This year will include a variety of mixed art media, performing arts, music, food, story-telling and hands-on entertainment.

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Whereas Activities that celebrate and showcase the contributions towards Arts and Culture from the Indigenous people living in or around Cochrane supports the Call to Action # 61 for community-controlled healing and reconciliation projects, culture and language revitalization projects, education and relationship-building projects.

Whereas Art and Culture serve as a powerful means of expression for Indigenous people and communities, and Cochrane acknowledges that both contemporary and traditional forms of art and performance offer valuable storytelling opportunities that educate, entertain, and foster relationships across cultures and generations.

Whereas As part of the Town of Cochrane's commitment to supporting the diversity represented in our community's Art and Culture, the Town of Cochrane proudly announces the commencement of an annual tradition. Organized by the Wazin lchniabi Ti Center - House of Oneness Society and supporting organizations, this week marks the beginning of ongoing activities dedicated to Indigenous Art and Culture.

THEREFORE; I, Mayor Genung of Cochrane, Alberta do hereby proclaim March 17-23, 2024 as the first year for the annual Garhe Meheduwa (Cochrane} Indigenous Art & Culture week.

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