Cochrane Seeking Community Feedback On Communications

Cochrane Administration is inviting residents, business owners and other stakeholders to provide feedback on how they are receiving information on Town of Cochrane programs, initiatives and updates. The communications survey will be available on the Let’s Talk Cochrane website, as well as administered by phone through an external consultant. 

This survey supports the Strategic Plan foundation of intentional relationships. As outlined in the Strategic Plan, Cochrane is committed to building and maintaining relationships with community stakeholders. These relationships require intentional connection and honest dialogue, through public engagement, community events, two-way communication and active community participation.  

“In recent years, we have intentionally expanded our communications efforts to engage with the community and ensure our residents can be informed,” says Lisa Almond, Director of Organizational Strategy and Culture. “This survey will help us to target our communication efforts and ensure that we are focusing our resources into the areas that reach the majority of the community.” 

An external consultant, Advanis, will be conducting a random telephone survey with Cochrane residents over the age of 18. A key feature of this sample is that it is probability-based; that is, every respondent has an equal and known chance of being invited to participate in the survey. So, unlike an online panel sample, which is not randomly recruited, researchers can calculate the representativeness of the data collected with associated margins of error and can perform statistical testing. 

To participate in the survey and provide feedback, community members are invited to visit The survey will be available from April 18 to April 30.