Cochrane well prepared for upcoming drought season

Update to Council demonstrates years of successful investment in water planning, conservsation & effective resource management

At the heart of Cochrane's community planning is a commitment to sustainability, particularly in water usage. The latest Council meeting on March 4th offered insights into Cochrane’s strategic measures to combat the challenges of the upcoming drought season with an update on the 2024 Water Resiliency Action Plan.

The plan showcases Cochrane's ongoing efforts to fortify its water resources. It's a reflection of the long-term investment in water conservation and management, emphasizing a systematic approach to safeguarding this vital resource.

Initiatives such as Cochrane’s Water Loss Mitigation Program have played a significant role in this success, addressing water leaks and enhancing the efficiency of the Town's water distribution. Additionally, the update reinforced the importance of community participation and commitment in water conservation. Programs such as the Water Rebate program, which encourage residents to adopt water-saving appliances and the Tiered Water-Rate System have contributed to Cochrane’s overall water efficiency, demonstrating a collective effort in facing water-related challenges.

“Cochrane’s journey of water conservation has been outstanding. It is clear we value the practice of water conservation, and residents should be extremely proud that we are leading the way,” said Mayor Genung. “Our per capita use speaks volumes that Cochrane is a leader in the region. And it is great to see that investments made years ago are truly paying off, especially given the drought circumstances.”

Cochrane's journey in reducing water wastage includes notable milestones:

  • In 2023, Cochrane utilized only 65% of our allocated water license, indicating that a significant majority of our residents value and practice water conservation.
  • Cochrane has achieved a 36% reduction in daily water use per capita since 2007, transitioning from 400 to 255 litres.
  • Since its launch in 2023, the Water Loss Mitigation program reduced a total system loss of 71,000,000 litres, which is the equivalent water use of 376 Cochrane households.
  • Metered water systems have been in place for five decades, and Tiered Water Rates have been in place since the adoption of Cochrane’s Water Policy in 2007.

As Cochrane moves forward, the focus remains on continuous improvement and collaboration with neighbouring municipalities. Administration is actively seeking new ways to enhance water conservation, including new water licensing strategies to support growth and ensure water availability for the future.

Cochrane's proactive steps towards water conservation are shaping a sustainable future, ensuring the community remains resilient in the face of drought management.

For more information on Cochrane’s water conservation efforts, visit: Water Conservation | Town of Cochrane.