Cochranites Encouraged To Plan Ahead And Allow Extra Time During Back To School Season

(Cochrane, AB) - With the back-to-school season approaching and town-wide construction continuing to take place, Cochrane is issuing a reminder to both residents and commuters passing through the Cochrane area to factor in additional time for travel to ensure the safety of students, construction personnel and all other road users.

In pursuit of enhancing the community, Cochrane’s construction crews are hard at work to ensure construction impacts are as minimal as possible for students, parents and residents. Recognizing the combined effects of increased back-to-school traffic and the ongoing construction projects spanning across town, Cochrane is taking proactive measures to alleviate potential traffic congestion and delays.

To minimize disruptions, Cochrane's construction crews are actively working to reduce traffic impacts, while continuing to enhance the community. To address the combined challenges of increased back-to-school traffic and ongoing construction projects, Cochrane is taking proactive measures to ease potential traffic congestion and delays:

  • Traffic signals along 1A and Fifth Avenue have been optimized to enhance traffic flow and reduce congestion. 
  • Coordination with local schools to align construction schedules and minimize disruptions during drop-off and pick-up times. 

"Safety remains our utmost priority and we are committed to ensuring a safe and stress-free back-to-school transition,” says Stacey Loe, Executive Director of Protective and Community Services, Town of Cochrane. “With additional activity on our roads and pathways with children returning to school, we are asking the community to plan a little extra time and vigilance. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we collectively enhance the Cochrane experience for the better."

Motorists are urged to exercise vigilance and patience as vehicle traffic, pedestrians and cyclists increase over the coming weeks. As students make their way back to class, Cochrane encourages all road users to maintain situational awareness, respect shared roadways, stay attentive, and adhere to traffic regulations. Cochranites are urged to practice the following back-to-school road safety tips: 

  • Respect school zones and adhere to speed limits at all times. 
  • Always stop for loading and unloading school buses. 
  • Plan your trip to allow more time to get to your destination. 
  • Exercise caution near schools, bus stops, streets and parking lots.

For more construction updates and back-to-school safety information, visit: the Traffic Safety page.

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