Plow chica plow plow takes top spot: Cochrane celebrates RancheView’s grade three students for winning snowplow naming contest

(Cochrane, AB) – Wrapping up the name the snowplow campaign, Mayor Genung and Council showed their appreciation to RancheView School’s grade three students with a lively celebration at RancheView school. The winning name ‘Plow Chica Plow Plow’ received an impressive 516 votes from the community.

Mayor Jeff Genung joined the festivities to congratulate RancheView’s grade three students for winning the top spot in Cochrane’s snowplow naming contest.

"I want to thank all grade three students and teachers for their awesome contributions,” said Mayor Jeff Genung. “I was blown away at the imagination and creativity behind all the submissions. A special congratulations to RancheView for their winning names ‘Plow Chica Plow Plow’ and ‘Sweeping Beauty.’ Winter safety is such an important message to instill in our kids and this was a creative way to engage them in that.”

The celebration occurred at RancheView school with a snow plow tour and snow cone party for the children. Cochrane also took this opportunity to share how to stay safe during cold, snowy days, and educate on the essential role that snowplows play in winter maintenance.  

Residents actively participated in the naming contest, casting their votes between November 6 and 27, 2023. The winning name, ‘Plow Chica Plow Plow,’ received the most votes, followed by ‘Ctrl + Salt + Delete,’ ‘Sleetwood Mac,’ and ‘Plowy McPlowface.’  ‘Sweeping Beauty,’ received the most votes overall for the street sweeper.

Seven schools participated in the contest, contributing around 50 imaginative names for consideration. Beyond celebrating the addition of a new snowplow to Cochrane’s fleet, the engagement successfully achieved its goal of fostering discussions about winter safety and educating residents on Cochrane’s snow clearing service levels.

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