Residents Requested to Conserve Water: Updated #4

Red box 'attention please'

In response to the water and wastewater line impacts reported last night, the Town of Cochrane is implementing Level 3 Water Restrictions, requiring residents to conserve water. Cochrane’s drinking water remains safe. 

Under a level 3 water restriction, outdoor water use is prohibited, water pressure will be reduced as required, and bulk water sales will not be permitted. 

In addition, residents are requested to: 

  • Use water sparingly: Limit water use to only essential activities. 
  • Reduce shower time: Shorten shower times to conserve water.
  • Wash dishes by hand: If you have a dishwasher, only use it when you have a full load of dishes to wash. Hand wash where possible to limit water use.
  • Limit laundry: Postpone doing laundry until the water line impacts have been resolved. 
  • Educate family members: Ensure that all members of the household are aware of the current situation and are following the conservation guidelines.

“By making simple adjustments to your daily routines, you can significantly contribute to the preservation of our water resources,” said Stacey Loe, Director of Emergency Management, Town of Cochrane. “Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work together to protect our water resources.”