Southbow Landing Land Use Amendment to be considered at future Council meeting

Community Growth Update

(Cochrane, AB) – On January 22 and February 5, 2024, the public hearing was held for Bylaw 01/2024: Southbow Landing Land Use Amendment. After receiving feedback through the public hearing process, the applicant requested additional time to consider alternatives that would acknowledge and respond to concerns and, ultimately, be successful in their application for a land use that aligns with their vision and the vision for Cochrane.

Southbow Landing is one of many communities planned for through the River Heights Area Structure Plan (2011) and was subsequently planned through the Southbow Landing Neighbourhood Plan (2015). Most of the community was given land use as per the approved Neighbourhood Plan in 2017, however three parcels of land were not included in that approval. This application is intended to apply land use to the remaining parcels in line with the Neighbourhood Plan, to allow for the future development of medium to high density housing in the neighbourhood. Land Use approval must be granted before development continues through subdivision plans, development permits and building permits.

Through Cochrane’s established application process, including public circulation and public engagement, the applicant has opportunities to amend their application in response to feedback collected during public engagement. The most recent public engagement event for this application was the Public Hearing on January 22 and February 5.

“Cochrane appreciates the time and consideration residents made to practice democracy and express their views at the public hearing on January 22 and February 5,” says Mark Krysinski, Director, Community Growth, Town of Cochrane. “This has been one of the best attended public hearings that Cochrane has had.  These are the opportunities for the public to shape their community and we encourage residents continued investment to build and shape this great community.”

After the public hearing, Cochrane has provided the applicant with additional time prior to Second and Third Reading to work with Administration and review potential alternatives in consideration of public hearing feedback. Administration will continue to enable the applicant to proceed to Council with the appropriate requirements and information to inform a Council decision on Land Use.

To learn more about Bylaw 01/2024: Southbow Landing Land Use Amendment, visit for previous Council reports and recorded Council meetings. All Council meetings are open for public viewing at the Cochrane RancheHouse and streamed live online.

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