Thanks for your votes, Cochrane – our snow plows and street sweeper have new names!

snow plow truck

(COCHRANE, AB) – The voices of Cochrane’s grade three students have been heard, and after an overwhelming 1,034 residents voted between November 6-27th, we are thrilled to announce the winning names for our four snowplows, including one new addition, and a dedicated street sweeper!

This winter, Cochrane’s roads will be kept safe and passable by a snow clearing fleet of dynamic personalities. Beyond the excitement of naming our snow clearing crew, the contest aimed to foster discussions about safety, particularly during cold, snowy days.

“This contest goes beyond celebrating a new snow plow,” said Drew Hyndman, Executive Director, Development & Infrastructure Services. “It provided us with a unique opportunity to educate our community on our snow removal service levels and promote winter safety. Cochrane's crews work tirelessly, often through the night, to help people get to where they need to go safely. This contest is the best of both worlds – fun and educational – taking a moment to celebrate while strengthening the connection between the community and essential services.”

From embracing bright colours to adopting the ‘walk-like-a-penguin’ technique on icy paths, Cochrane’s grade three students were sent an infographic about ways to stay safe in Winter. The contest also included a video educating residents on Cochrane’s snow plow service levels – explaining that they work on a priority system, focusing first on emergency routes, video here.

Seven schools participated, including: Westbrook Elementary, RancheView, Glenbow Elementary, Fireside, Ecole Notre Dame De Valle, Holy Spirit School and Cochrane Christian Academy. The schools submitted around 50 imaginative names for consideration. These names were shortlisted based on creativity, popularity and how well the names captured the unique spirit of Cochrane. Each school had at least one name represented in the final selection.

We are thrilled to present the winning names that will adorn the sides of our snow plows and street sweeper this winter along with their associated schools:

  • Plow Chica Plow Plow (Submitted by RancheView)
  • Ctrl + Salt + Delete (Submitted by RancheView )
  • Sleetwood Mac (Submitted by RancheView )
  • Plowy McPlowface (Submitted by Glenbow/Westbrook)
  • Sweeping Beauty (street sweeper name) (Submitted by RancheView )

“We extend our gratitude to all who participated, including the enthusiastic grade three students who infused their creativity into this naming contest,” added Hyndman. “Your engagement has not only enlivened our snow clearing fleet, but also reinforced the sense of community that makes Cochrane a special place to call home.”

As we welcome these newly named additions, we look forward to seeing Plow Chica Plow Plow, Ctrl+Salt+Delete, Sleetwood Mac, Plowy McPlowface and Sweeping Beauty hard at work during winter's upcoming embrace.

This engagement contest marks Cochrane’s seventh online engagement since launching our new Let’s Talk Cochrane site in May of this year. Council remains dedicated to fostering open communication and engagement with the community through initiatives like these, ensuring that the voices of Cochrane residents are not only heard but actively contribute to the shaping of our community.

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