Water & Wastewater Incident: Update #13

Red box 'attention please'

Town Administration continues to respond to the wastewater incident that occurred on October 21. Currently, onsite crews have not been able to isolate the water line to initiate repairs, resulting in ongoing significant water loss.

To maintain the required water resources to support our community, water continues to be trucked in from other sources, including the community of Harmony and the City of Calgary. This is critical in maintaining the required water levels.

Residents are asked to do their part and follow the mandatory water conservation efforts. Prioritize water use to drinking water and basic hygiene. Refrain from using water to shower or bathe, do laundry or wash dishes.

Town Administration has requested the support of local businesses in reducing water consumption and we are appreciative of the creativity that businesses have employed in responding to this request. We have not requested businesses to close. However, we do recognize that the temporary closure of the Spray Lake Sawmills Centre has resulted in significant water conservation during this time.

We continue to keep schools and emergency response facilities informed and up-to-date on the current state of our water situation. We support the continued use of the water required to maintain basic hygiene at all facilities, businesses and households.

To continue further work and allow crews to complete repairs, the Town has authorized two significant road closures in Cochrane: Riverview Drive and Eastbound Gleneagles Drive. Further road closures are anticipated today.

As crews continue to complete the required work to restore our water line and ensure water supply to our entire community, some households and businesses may be impacted. Fire crews hand delivered notices to the residents of Riverside Place on the evening of October 24 advising impacted residents that they would be without water for a minimum of 48 hours. Potable water will be delivered to each household and a potable water trailer will be onsite to support additional needs.

Additional households and businesses will be impacted today and we will be working to provide them with as much notice as possible.

Please continue to follow Cochrane.ca for ongoing updates.