Water & Wastewater Incident: Update #20

Green box says info update 3pm

(Cochrane, AB) – Cochrane municipal officials are pleased to report that significant progress continues to be made with repairs still being actively underway on the water line. Reservoir levels continue to be effectively sustained during this challenging period. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to residents and the business community for their continued water conservation contributions.

Spray Lakes Centre will be fully reopened as of Sunday, October 29th. Level three restrictions remain in place as we assess the impact this reopening has on our system. For more information about Spray Lakes Reopening, please visit their website.

Under Level Three Water Restriction the following measures continue to be in place:

• No Bulk Water Sales: Bulk water sales are temporarily suspended to preserve our water resources.

• No Outdoor Watering: Please refrain from any outdoor watering activities until further notice.

• Ability to Adjust Water Pressure: The Town retains the capacity to adjust water pressure as necessary to manage our water system effectively.

We will continue to provide updates on the progress of the repairs and any changes to the water restrictions.

For additional information or inquiries please visit Cochrane.ca/emergencyresponse, our social media channels, or phone the incident call centre 403-851-7719.