Fire Hall Tours

Fire hall tours

Fire hall tours are an opportunity to learn about modern firefighting equipment, meet your local firefighters and learn about fire prevention and fire safety. Book a tour for your family, school group or community group.

To book a tour, please contact Fire Services Administration: 403-851-2540

Information about fire hall tours

  • Tours must be pre-booked
  • If anyone in your group has special needs, please ensure you mention that at the time of booking (bright lights and loud ring tones may be experienced during a tour)
  • Tours are only available at 10:00am, 1:30pm, or 7:30pm
  • Each tour lasts about half an hour
  • The maximum number of attendees is 30 (including all adults and children)
  • Minimum age for tours is four years old
  • Ensure a minimum of one adult for every ten children in attendance
  • All adults must remain with the tour at all times
  • Transportation must be available at all times for your group in case of emergency that requires exiting the facility

Please note: The fire hall is an operational facility, and our emergency services work always comes first. Firefighters may be called away from the hall at any time during your scheduled tour. If this happens, your tour will be cancelled and the fire hall must be vacated immediately. 

To rebook a tour, please contact the Fire Services Administration: 403-851-2540. The Town of Cochrane will not be able to reimburse you for any costs associated with the cancellation.