Parent Education

The Family Resource Network delivers Caregiver Capacity Building programming focused on strengthening parent knowledge and coping skills by providing Parent Education, Mentorship, Respite, In-Home Visitation, Peer support, and Social Connection opportunities. 

The Parent Education programs offered at the FRN are evidence based and cover a large range of topics. Trained facilitators work with parents and caregivers of children birth to age 18. The lessons can be delivered in group sessions (posted on our calendar) or family sessions (one to one). For family sessions, we focus on the following programs.  

Triple P – Positive Parenting lessons provide practical strategies on a large variety of topics, supporting parent/caregiver with: 

  • emotional regulation, 

  • strategies for managing problem behaviors and encouraging positive behaviors with their children, and 

  • building strong, healthy relationships with their children. 


The Circle of Security Parenting lessons focus on creating a secure parent-child relationships by teaching parent/caregiver how to:  

  • understand their child’s emotional needs,  

  • support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions,  

  • enhance the development of their child's self-esteem, and  

  • understand their child’s need to be secure. 


The Nurturing Parenting Program lessons foster positive parenting skills with nurturing behaviors, promote healthy physical and emotional development, and teach appropriate role and developmental expectations.  

Parents and caregivers can self-refer for all FRN programs. For more information and current programs please visit:

Programs & Activities