SLS Sport Facility Centre

The SLS Centre, spanning around 325,000 square feet, stands as one of Alberta's most expansive multi-use recreation facilities and enjoys widespread utilization by the broader Cochrane community.

The SLS Centre amenities encompass three  ice arenas, an aquatic centre, curling centre, climbing wall, indoor turf, fitness centre, gymnasium, indoor track, gymnastics centre, high-performance sports training facility, physiotherapy, food and beverage outlets, preschool, and various other physical and social well-being programs. The SLS Centre also operates the Cochrane Arena, a single ice arena facility located near the tri-schools site in Cochrane.

SLS Centre is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of active citizens and stakeholders in the community

History of the facility:

  • 2001: A group of community volunteers, in partnership with the Town of Cochrane and Rocky View County, built a new hockey arena in Cochrane which is now known as Totem 1.
  • 2004: The fieldhouse was added, which included an indoor turf, double gymnasium, Garmin sponsored 3-lane track, along with the U of C Gymnastics Centre and Fireside of Cochrane Fitness Centre.
  • 2009: SLS Centre conducted its first major expansion, adding an additional two hockey arenas known as Totem 1 and Totem 2.
  • 2017: Another expansion took place, adding a Curling Centre, Aquatic Centre, tenant spaces and fitness amenities.
  • 2023: Brought a new name and brand - Spray Lake Sawmills Centre.

Contact Information

Phone: 403-932-1636