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COLT Stops will be changing on Monday, March 25

Updated: March 6th, 2024

Map of stops to be removed and moved by March 25, 2024

COLT Bus Stops

Stop changes are coming March 25th, 2024. View the map to see how you might be affected.
Changing COLT Stops

This is the phase 1 change of a year-long initiative; 21 stops will be changed, with 15 stops to be permanently closed and 6 stops moved to new locations. COLT operations will continue as normal during the change.

Modifying the stop network by optimizing stop placements will help boost efficiency and serve more riders each day. This is part of a larger initiative over 2024 to enhance COLT service.

When it comes to choosing stop locations, we're implementing the following strategies:

  • Enhanced Routing Efficiency: Relocation of bus stops to facilitate turnarounds will optimize routes and help decrease time taken to reach passengers.
  • Streamlined Centralized Stops: By consolidating stops in communities, and placing stops where it covers the greatest number of residential units and businesses within a 400 meter walking distance, we aim to increase the number of riders at each stop, and reduce extra bus travel.
  • Improved Arterial Access: Expect more bus stops along major roads in Cochrane, keeping buses on faster routes more frequently, also helping to decrease ride times.
  • Continued Accessibility: Stops at essential social infrastructure sites such as FCSS, SLS, Food Sheds, urgent care facilities, employment zones, seniors' homes, and high-density areas will remain unchanged, ensuring continued accessibility for all

COLT Plans for 2024

Updated: March 1, 2024

Due to the incredible growth and demand experienced by the COLT system, Cochrane is embarking on a an initiative to better understand what the future of it's public transit system could look like.

As part of the initiative, in December 2023, Council approved a $100,000 allocation to conduct an in-depth study to comprehensively evaluate Cochrane’s public transit system. This study will not only analyze the current state but also guide future enhancements and options for the system.

Changes and studies will unfold in multiple phases throughout 2024,  examining and touching upon all aspects of the system, including:

1. Stop Network Optimization: Cochrane will be evaluating the current 152 bus stops in the COLT network, which could involve the removal or relocation of certain stops. These changes aim to optimize bus travel , contributing to a more efficient transit system and an enhanced rider experience. (Phase one:  March 2024 / Phase two: June 2024).

2. Policy Review (February 2024- September 2024): Understand how policies in Cochrane can support transit.

3. Community Feedback & Engagement: Register for the Let's Talk Cochrane site to stay informed on public engagements.

4. Evaluation of ridership and opportunities for possible future transit routes: The study will look at existing demands and potential solutions, as well as implementation practicalities.

5. Creation of scalable public transit system options: Visions of the future of transit will be brought to Council for decision.