Glenpatrick Drive Infrastructure Replacement

Active project
Detailed design: 2024
Glenpatrick Drive


The Glenpatrick Drive Infrastructure Replacement Project consists of full replacement of water, sewer and storm underground pipes and road structure along Glenpatrick Drive from Fifth Avenue and Glenbrook Crescent.


As part of the 2023-2025 Budget, Council approved the Glenpatrick Drive Infrastructure Replacement; Glenpatrick Road & Glenhill Dr. Intersection Upgrades; and the Glenbow Drive – Flood Mitigation projects which were intended to replace the underground water, sewer, and storm pipes, introduce new traffic mitigation infrastructure and flood mitigation efforts in the community of Glenbow. These three capital projects were approved for a total of $5.86M and were proposed to be funded through a combination of grants and reserves. 

Throughout 2023, Administration proceeded with preparing for this important capital project, engaging the impacted community at an Open House in March 2023, and initiated the procurement process. However, following the annual financial audit, inconsistencies in funding were identified. Given this new information and risks associated with proceeding with this project, Council directed administration to defer the 3 projects to bring them forward as part of the 2024 budget for formal consideration by Council. 

$150,000 was approved in the 2024 budget to complete the detailed design of the entire corridor from Glenpatrick Rd to Fifth Avenue including the intersection of Glenpatrick Dr / Glenhill Dr / Glenpatrick Rd.


This project is necessary to address high maintenance costs and potential future failures due to aging infrastructure. It also presents a valuable opportunity to create a comprehensive design for the entire corridor, providing a long-term connectivity solution for the community.

How does this project benefit the community?

  • Increased community connectivity
  • New infrastructure will ensure that leaks are avoided in the area and will provide the opportunity for future development of the Rodeo Grounds. 

Strategic Alignment

This project supports Council's commitment to livability, connectivity and vibrant economy and will build on the foundation financial and environmental stewardship and built environment.